Yellow Curry

Ma 1361 lb chicken thigh

4 potatoes

1 carrot

2 onions

1 long eggplant

1 tin yellow curry paste

1-2 tin coconut milk

1 lb cooked Japanese white  rice

cut carrot and potatoes, then boil for a while(don’t make it soft)

Ma 115

Ma 120

cut onions

Ma 125

medium heat the deep pan and put 2 tbsp coconut milk into it and then add yellow curry paste

Ma 122

Ma 123

Ma 126

cut chicken and put it into the pan and stir

Ma 116

Ma 127

add onion and still stir it

Ma 128

add eggplant

Ma 129

put rest of coconut milk into that and boil

Ma 130

add boiled potatoes and carrot, and then boil it more than 30 minutes

Ma 131

serve it on the plate with Japanese white rice.

If curry is too spicy, you can add a fried egg and cheese with curry…

Ma 140

This is good idea for hot hot hot curry~

I hope you enjoy it!


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