Japanese dry goods and vegetables

These are Japanese dry goods and vegetables.

You can get at Asian supermarket or Japanese market on the internet.



Mushroom Broth (Shiitake-dashi)

This is Shiitake-mushroom broth using for many recipes.

example : Japanese noodle, simmer dishes, miso-soup

Ma 070 (more…)

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Fish broth (Katsuo-dashi)

I use this in a lot of my recipes, including stables such as miso-soup.

Ma 036 (more…)

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Japanese seasonings 2

I would like to add more Japanese seasonings.


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Japanese seasonings

Here, I would like to tell you some things about Japanese products.

We can buy many Japanese foods and seasonings here in America but some of these  come from China, Korea…etc.

I put some pictures on this page, so you can see what Japanese seasonings are. (more…)

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About Japanese seasonings and food quantity

About Japanese seasonings

When I cook Japanese meals, I use Japanese seasonings.


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