Ankake Yakisoba

Ma 082Noodles

1/4 cabbage

1 carrot

10 sayaendo(snow peas)

2 cup bean sprounts

1 cup squid

1/4 lb this sliced pork

sesame oil

1 tsp Chinese soup base

salt, pepper

potato starch, water

cut vegetables

Ma 051

boil noodle for 10-20 seconds and wash, then drain

Ma 053

Ma 056

Ma 057

cut pork

Ma 055

Ma 058

stir pork and squid with sesame oil

Ma 054

Ma 059

add carrot and stir it

Ma 060

when it is cooked, move it to the plate

stir cabbage and sayaendo

Ma 061

move it to the plate

stir bean sprouts

Ma 062

move it to the plate

Ma 065

medium heat the skillet, put sesame oil into it. fry noodles till it gets crunchy

Ma 063

Ma 066

put meat, squid, vegetables back into the other skillet and heat again

Ma 070

add Chinese soup base

Ma 068

add mixed potato starch with water, stir it till it becomes thick

Ma 072

Ma 071

Ma 074

serve cooked noodles into the bowl

Ma 076

serve stir fry into the bowl

Ma 075

This is called  “Ankake yakisoba”.

You can pick some noodles into your dish, and put stir fry on it.

Ma 083

I hope you enjoy it!

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